1. Anonymous said: your art is so good!

    Wow thank you, I’m so happy that you think so! I hope your whole week is gonna be great and that you find $20 on the street!! Thank you! :-)

  2. details from my sketchbook part 3!

  3. Caimo. He’s an awkward old bird demon but he knows fencing and owns like three summer houses in Greece so I guess he’s ok.

  4. I drew this on the beach

  5. I’m a little late, but happy 25th birthday MOTHER!! i love you

  6. details from my sketchbook part 2!

  7. details from my sketchbook! this is part 1

  8. thanatos & tobias

  9. A bunch of one-eyed kids show up in my sketchbooks every now and then. Most of them live in the forest but I think a few of them live in urban areas too. They’re probably a different species…

  10. i really wanted to draw valerie